Sharks Sharks Everywhere! FAQ

SSE will be a side-scrolling adventure game, something like Super Mario Bros meets Moby Dick, if Moby Dick was a giant alien-mutant shark.

A computer with: MS Windows 95/98, X Window system and/or BeOS. A Mac port may be considered if Ryan gets that G4 he's been rooting for.

You will also need the latest SDL libraries and Manta Ray. We will eventually have an installation program that will install them for you, but not yet.

Wow, you got all the way to level #??? You truly are the SSE guru. Clearly you don't need our help.

A milestone is an incomplete release of SSE for you to try out. After an unspecified number of milestones, we, in our infinate wisdom, will release SSE: version 1.0. We will release milestones every so often, when we feel we've made significant improvements to the game.

Included in your download of SSE is a detailed set of instructions describing exactly what to do. If you followed these instructions to the letter and it doesn't work, email us and we'd be happy to help.

If the problem is with the SDL library, see question 2.3

Manta Ray is the name of Hellyon's game engine. Hellyon's entire R&D budget has been blown on this piece of bleeding-edge technology.

It will pull game-specific information from the level files and render that information. Implementing the game this way gives us more flexibility as to the design of the game, makes it more customizable, and makes it easier to add on to. This design also allows us to distribute the engine separate from the game, and easily create exciting new games.

The game itself will be encapsulated within XML-inspired level files. These files will contain a list of all images to be used, an actor list, actor behaviour, items, key assignments, and level structure. For example, an underwater level will contain sharks and a diver. In this level the diver has full 2D motion (up, down, left, right) and can shoot a harpoon gun, where in a land level, the player has the ability to jump and has a sword, or something.

Hellyon gleefully and recklessly supports the open-source movement, so SSE and Manta are covered under the GPL. Even you can download the source and inspect it, modify it, delete it, whatever. You can get it from our Source Forge Project Page.

We suggest violently shaking your computer, being sure to spill the "bad bits" out the floppy drive. You may want to put some newspapers down first. If this doesn't work, try the SDL website. It both informative and helpful. Plus, it has a joke of the week page, which is more than I can say for this web site.

That's not much of a question, but that's ok, SSE isn't much of a game. If you think you could do better, here's the source code.

Requin is French for 'shark'. Hellyon Software is located in Canada, a beautiful country north of the United States, and South of the North Pole. Canada has two official languages, English and French. Sharks Sharks Everywhere!, otherwise known as Les requins requins partout! will (hopefully) be available in both languages.

Hellyon (pronounced HELL-EE-UN) Software is the software "company" producing SSE. Founded by Chris Lyon (DrFunk) in 1998, it has spit out such memorable game titles as 3D Tank Game (unfinished), Feud 2.0, Mr. Duck and The Frog Game. You can visit them at

Ironically, this is the only question actually asked by anyone.

Hellyon Softare legally acquired the rights to SSE in 1999 after a long legal battle with now defunct Apogee Software. Hellyon founder Chris Lyon claimed to have inspired Apogee to make SSE in 1992.

Actually, the name Sharks Sharks Everywhere! was thought up by George Chamis, a high-school friend of Chris', but since George presumably has no computer programming skills (otherwise he would be currently creating this game himself), Hellyon took it upon itself to create SSE.