Old News

Well, it's almost mid-March and you're all probably wondering what's in store for you. How about an updated Schedule page? Or maybe you'd prefer some (unfinished) Manta Ray documentation? Did you notice the esthetic changes made to the webpage?

Since I have a bit of time on my hands, I've been working on SSE, and reminding our other members that there's work to be done. Rest assured a new milestone is in the works, and Manta 0.3 is well underway.

-Chris "Making webpages until my fingers bleed" Lyon

Do I enjoy being made a liar? Yeah, I guess I do. SDL 1.1.8 is out, and SSE isn't.

Ok, you're probably wondering why nothing is going on here in SSE land. Well, let me just say mid-March is when something is going to happen. What, you ask? Let's just say it involves a big website update, a third party game, and a monkey. Well, maybe no monkey. Stay tuned.

-Chris "Unagi-eater" Lyon

Happy New Year. Ok, so we didn't come out with minor release. In fact, we haven't touched the source code in quite a while. That's what happens when there are only 2 teams members working and they don't have computers to use.

SDL 1.1.7 is out, and the next release of SSE will use it. I guarantee.

We are hoping to have a minor release of SSE out this month which will boast massive keyboard improvements. We will also be releasing Manta 0.3 soon, which is going to allow you to load levels. Stay tuned.

if you're bored, check out the sse screenshots.

Sharks Sharks Everywhere! Milestone 1
Did I say August? I meant October. Well it's finally here, so you can stop holding your breath. So far it's not much of a game, but does have moving sharks and subs that shoot torpedoes. Just don't expect much else.

We have the sourcecode available (tested on Windows 9x, Linux and BeOs 5), and executables for Windows and Linux. Be executables are on their way. Remember kids, you need SDL 1.1.5 or better to run SSE.

Manta Ray 0.2.0
Manta Ray is the game engine powering SSE. This version has significant improvements to vital internal workings. Don't ask.

Download them both here.

Manta Ray 0.1.0
Manta Ray is the game engine powering SSE. Now that Manta is ready, SSE will soon flourish. Manta Ray 0.1 provides parallax level scrolling, multi-frame animation, and little-to-no documentation :)
Download it, and create something fun.

Yes, the website got another facelift. Downloads have been moved to SourceForge, and we've adopted some more sea-like colours.

Look for a SSE release by the end of August.

Finally got the website up. No binaries yet, but Manta is almost ready.

Ryan (Funkenstein) and Chris (DrFunk) are going to Japan at the end of August and will be gone for a year, so we don't know what kind of progress we can make on the game. We will try to have some compilable code this month.

The first milestone release of SSE will be fairly straightforward: You control a submarine that tries to shoot sharks that, for some reason, decide to chomp on your sub. That's it. See the milestone Schedule for more information.