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Sharks Sharks Everywhere! is an action-packed underwater side-scroller game involving --you guessed it-- Sharks!

You are a high-tech scientist/engineer who is working on this super high-tech laboratory that is 1 mile under water of the Atlantic Ocean. There are a bunch of ships above feeding supplies to the workers below. You have been working on this under-water lab for 2 years now and it's nearing completion.

One day, a radio signal notifies the work crew below that a large storm is heading their way. Most of the ships bail to avoid the storm but one is forced to stay behind since it was in the middle of doing something really critical that couldn't be interrupted by a storm. Most of the workers leave with the ships but you stay behind since you are the project leader and it is your job to make sure that the ship staying completes its necessary tasks. A handful of people, your crew, stay as well. As you continue to work on some critical areas in the lab, the ship above goes through some massive damages from the storm. The storm hit with a much greater intensity than predicted. A massive blow from a wave sends the ship plummeting down towards the expensive laboratory. It nicks a critical side of the lab, sending water gushing inward. Five of your teammates die in this tragic accident and the blood from their beaten bodies attracts some of the worst sharks from hell.

You're stuck in an underwater lab that is filling up with water. With no one above to assist you, attempts to call for help fall on deaf ears. You decide to fend for yourself. You think of your girlfriend and think of the promise you made to come home safely that night. Unfortunately, with sharks everywhere, the only other thing you can think is your epitaph. You need to come up with a plan fast. You think, maybe that the lab has some supplies you can use to fend off the sharks. There are a whole bunch of goodies that you can find that may help you. You remember a miniature submarine you can use to swim to safely, but it is way out of reach.

The sharks are coming, what should you do?

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